Breastfeeding Mothers Can Fast or Not, Read This Before Deciding

Many breastfeeding mothers who want to practice fasting, but feel confused and ask questions. Will fasting cause breast milk to decrease? Can it affect your baby's weight? Don't worry, Mother. C'mon, refer to the medical explanation. Actually, breastfeeding mothers are not required to fast in Ramadan and can be compensated in the form of fidyah or fasting at other times. Some mothers try to keep fasting, but some are still not sure they will run it for fear of impacting breast milk and babies. Body Adjustment When Mothers Breastfeeding Fasting Breastfeeding mothers actually do not need to worry too much, because the body will immediately adjust the burning of calories with fasting habits. Thus, even though the intake of drinks and food decreases during fasting during Ramadan, it will generally not affect the amount of milk production. Indeed, the nutrition obtained by breastfeeding mothers when fasting will be reduced, so that micro nutrients namely vitamins and mine
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